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This site has been created by a group of Adirondack artisans to shamelessly and relentlessly promote our unique talents!

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The Basket Lady
Marcia Waligory
Every basket is hand crafted by The Basket Lady herself, putting her experience, personal attention, and the best quality materials in each and every basket.
The Silver Bench
Lisa Nortz

Hand constructed and personally designed sterling silver and 18K gold jewelry.
Specializing in handmade chains,
at least 30 styles offered as well
as cuff bracelets, pendants & earrings, all with an artists attention to detail.
Harmony All Natural Soaps & Oils
Carrie Sweredoski
The Harmony Collection includes premium handcrafted soaps & aromatherapy products for bath, beauty and the home environment. Our products are created with the finest all natural ingredients available.
Soft Maple Designs
Mary Ellen Tyner

Unique and distinctive product designs by a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, including decoupage plates and other decorative items.
The Wild Inside
Karan Marie Cross
Fun and funky to upscale and traditional, designs from The Wild Inside are always a personal statement.
Don’t be a “Plain Chain” … Express Yourself!
Michael Barsuglia &
Lis Barsuglia-Madsen
Gifts from Nature
Woven or Knitted
Just for You!

Hand bags, hats, scarves, shawls, sweaters, table runners, rugs and more.

Gallery 812
Casandra Lyndaker

Fine Art Originals & Giclee Prints
Capturing the spirit of nature & expressing images of rural Adirondack life with watercolors.
Fourth Coast Beeswax
Susan Lyth
Created from pure beeswax harvested from a local apiary, these one-of-a-kind candles will light your kingly halls and provide the only all natural air purification system known to mankind.
Enter the wisdom of the bee. Nature’s Bounty. Sensible Luxury.
Garden Thyme Herbs
Sharon Stewart
Wonderful natural, handcrafted herbal products. Our products are all “tried and true” since we have been making and selling them for over 20 years.
It is our hope that you will join us in our journey by trying to live as simply and naturally as possible.


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Gil Welch and Douglas J. Last paragraph w ://t wisdom https.co/c2oCzVipWg – John Mandrola, MD Apr 27, 2016Brilliant ending. Many people going through screening process are informed they have cancers nor secured from its developing neither, however they frequently withstand repeated colonoscopy for security of little polyps. Certainly, aggressive initiatives to display and perform follow-up colonoscopy in people who are likely too aged or infirm to advantage has genuine potential to trigger harm. To begin with, the drop began turning up well before the advantages of increased testing would be likely to take impact, Robertson and welch say. Continue reading

New analysis suggests.

It builds up when immune system cells that normally battle germs strike the liner from the joint parts, or cartilage. This causes the bones to swell and the encompassing bones, ligaments and muscle tissue to erode gradually. Arthritis rheumatoid worsens as time passes, leading to disability often. For the scholarly study, Baker and his colleagues viewed the consequences of obesity around the development of arthritis rheumatoid in only over 25,000 people who have the disease. The researchers discovered that the condition advanced quicker among those that were extremely obese. This is true of the amount of inflammation within their joints regardless. In addition, individuals who were thin but shed pounds without trying became handicapped quicker also. Continue reading

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Keeping a right back fairly, slim over your outstretched lower leg until you are feeling a strong stretch out in the hamstring. Stage toes within the prolonged feet towards you for just two to three secs, then release. Do that 3 to 4 occasions on both hip and legs.Hip Flexors: kneel using one leg with one knee out in the front, bent in the leg so the lone of the feet is flat on the floor before you. Trim your bodyweight forwards until you are feeling a extend within your hip and keep for eight to ten secs, then release. Do it again 2-3 moments both comparative edges.Glutes: Lying on your own back, combination your right feet to the still left leg, grab your still left leg at the rear of the thigh and draw the legs in your direction for the right buttock stretch out. Continue reading

——-A March 20th tale in the Boston World.

——– – A March 20th tale in the Boston World.Sadly this sort of news story isn’t created for health consumers, but also for investors, who are lured to bet once again about an absolute horse, with positive signs from a clinical trial organized as bait. Many of these entire tales add a couple of cautious caveats of the huge benefits and harms from the experimental treatment http://www.levardenafil.com/viagra-cialis-ou-levitra.htm . Baird analyst. We are in need of more basic research.One of the most quickly measurable aftereffect of not mentioning amyloid skepticism may be the fact the shares of Biogen Idec rose $42.33 to $475.98 a talk about, gaining about ten %. Resources:Paul et al. (Character Rev. Medication Discov. 9, 203-214; 2010Calcoen D, Elias L, Yu X. Continue reading

A scholarly study provides discovered.

Like all clinical studies, the study has its restrictions and we are able to just speculate about the system where a prone position escalates the potential for a spontaneous vaginal delivery. However, the data we have discovered from this huge trial group has an easy and cost-free treatment inside our labour wards. Women that are pregnant, in consultation using their health care providers, is now able to make informed options about their placement in the next stage of labour. The results out of this trial apply and then first-time moms in the next stage of labour with low dosage epidural analgesia. It is therefore unclear the actual findings may indicate for women who’ve given delivery before and so are in labour with an epidural. Continue reading

You might be at higher risk for dementia or Alzheimers disease.

Blood circulation pressure readings have a tendency to change if you are sick or if you have taken certain medicines. Acquiring blood circulation pressure medicines – – for instance inconsistently, forgetting the medication 1 day – – can transform day-to-day readings also. The study must also be replicated in a more substantial and more diverse group, based on the editorial authors.. Blood Pressure Fluctuations Tied to Dementia Risk If your blood circulation pressure varies from day-to-day, you might be at higher risk for dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, new study from Japan suggests. People whose systolic blood circulation pressure fluctuated from day-to-day were a lot more than twice as more likely to develop any kind of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in comparison to people that have more steady day-to-day blood circulation pressure, the research workers found. Continue reading

Ever gone to put your keys in the fridge.

Thirty-two undergraduates took component in the test, in which these were asked to assume performing a straightforward finger-tapping pattern with time having a metronome, but to maintain still completely. Sometimes, images of possibly the same or perhaps a different movement flashed up before them , that they had been asked to disregard. Strikingly, in these instances, participants cannot follow the instructions to maintain their fingers still. They executed the actions these were imagining sometimes; particularly when the actions they saw matched up the actions they thought and would consequently strengthen it. Continue reading

Known as differential RNA splicing.

We discovered that the proteins isoforms indicated in African People in america with prostate tumor do not often react to targeted therapies, whereas these medicines were found to work in European People in america with prostate cancers and do finish up killing from the cancers, stated Lee. That is a system for drug level of resistance. Long term study shall apply this getting to various other malignancies, specifically taking a look at sufferers with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma to find out if individuals who aren’t responding to medicines like idelalisib possess this specific mRNA variation. Substitute splicing promotes tumor aggressiveness and medication resistance in BLACK prostate malignancy was published in Character Communications.. Continue reading

Brand-new research suggests.

Age-related diseases like cancer and dementia could be preventable after scientists rejuvenate old human cells in the lab Age-related diseases like cancer and dementia could possibly be preventable, brand-new research suggests.Researchers have were able to rejuvenate aged human being cells in the laboratory copegus.org/mechanism-of-action.html .The exact reason behind ageing is unclear, however, previous research suggests cells deteriorate if they lose the capability to turn genes ‘on and off’ correctly. Injecting smaller amounts of the chemical substance hydrogen sulphide in to the ‘energy powerhouses’ of cells’ enables them to once more control gene legislation. The analysts believe their results could decelerate or halt the procedures that result in ‘older’ diseases. Continue reading

The typical of caution treatment for atrial fibrillation.

When medicines aren’t effective for treating atrial fibrillation, cardiologists might use an operation called catheter ablation to cauterize, or burn off, the center tissues that’s the way to obtain the electrical misfire. During catheter ablation, which normally takes four to five hours, cardiologists thread a catheter, or lengthy thin pipe, up through a bloodstream vessel from your groin towards the center and utilize it like a conduit to send out radiofrequency energy to cauterize the misfiring cells. The wish is that after the faulty cells is damaged, the heart’s electric communication program will improve, as well as the periodic irregular heart rhythms shall stop or occur less intensely or frequently. Continue reading