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The business was established simply over 3 years ago on September 9, 2009 by Wendy husband and Lewis Randy Ray. The concentrate of the business is to purpose on improving the standard of life for people as they anticipate how old they are, through provision of technology based anti-aging items. Jeunesse Global is definitely headquartered in Orlando, Florida and operates offices in Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and europe. Several South American countries are being readied for workplace openings. Product presently ships to over 80 countries worldwide with product sales already more than $100 Million annually.This is called an automated cell count and differential. The traditional method to analyze these data is usually to obtain a little sample of the collected blood and place it on a glass slide for visible review under a microscope. Normally, this is done by a trained laboratory technologist or a health care provider. This method is still widely used when results of a complete blood count want further review to verify certain abnormal values, or a health care provider wants to observe how the bloodstream cells look .