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VIDEO: Fezolinetant drops testosterone levels in PCOS CHICAGO – Testosterone amounts dropped by 1 / 3 for ladies with polycystic ovary symptoms and hyperandrogenemia if they received a centrally performing medicine currently in development. Fraser. In order that was quite great; we hit the principal outcome successfully.64 nmol/L, weighed against the 0.04 nmol/L noticed with placebo .One reason that PrEP can be an especially thrilling option for women is normally they can use it to safeguard themselves from HIV without the data or consent of their intimate companions, Calabrese said. To assess whether stigma helps to keep females from considering PrEP, Co-workers and calabrese surveyed 597 Planned Parenthood sufferers over age 18 who had been HIV-negative, dynamic and lived in Hartford sexually, New Bridgeport or Haven, Connecticut. Just 23 % were alert to PrEP just before taking the survey, the researchers found. Females provided background information regarding themselves and answered study queries about their impressions of PrEP.