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Fourth Coast Beeswax
by Susan Lyth

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Why Beeswax?

A Comparison

Paraffin & Soy Wax Beeswax
Source Petroleum Sludge (Emits Carcinogens*) Flowers & Bees
(Cleans the Air)
Illumination Low Light Bright Light
Burn Rate Fast Burning Long, Slow Burn
Value Cheap Components
but High Price
Value Added in
Health Benefits
Health Benefits Toxic Home* Clean, Pure Home

*The deadly toxins emitted from paraffin candles have been found to cause kidney and bladder tumors in laboratory animals! Candle manufacturers are not required to list or disclose hazardous, toxic or carcinogenic compounds used in their products.

The Science: Air contains billions of electronically charged particles called ions which act upon our capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen, affecting our energy, mood and health.

The Difference: Too many positive ions make us feel bad because they’re loaded down with the pollution and allergens that are drawn to them and suspended in the air. Paraffin candles emit a chaotic flame and spew unhealthy ions into your home. Negative ions are good because they remove the pollution and allergens from positive ions, allowing them to drop harmlessly to the ground.

The Solution: Solid Beeswax is the only candle fuel that produces negative ions, thereby removing pollutants from the air, the ideal and necessary scenario for clean air!

About Us
The Fourth Coast is a 5,000 mile stretch of freshwater sea that begins at the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway and ends at the boundary waters of western Minnesota.

Not far from where the St. Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario, the Great Lakes ecosystem coupled with the Adirondack Mountains is a little biosphere we’ve called home for over 30 years. The vast beauty of this Northern US coastline is reflected in the glow of every hand-poured candle we create for you.

Whether you enjoy a candle with your dinner, a bath, or to simply enhance a moment, your choice of Solid Beeswax will put you in a special mood of reverence. Solid Beeswax candles offer a honey scent, a golden flame and the longest, cleanest burn of any candle.

Thank you for choosing Fourth Coast Beeswax. Welcome to the Wisdom of the Bee!


3″ Diameter Round Pillars

Height Approximate
Burn Time


3″ 45-50 hours $13.95
4″ 55-65 hours $19.95
5″ 70-85 hours $22.95
6″ 90-100 hours $24.95
9″ 130+ hours $32.00

3″ Square Pillars

Height Approximate
Burn Time


3″ 55-65 hours $15.95
6″ 100 hours $28.95




6″ Civil War Lantern (Pair) $6.95
8″ Taper (Pair) $7.95
10″ Hexagon (Pair) $12.00
Emergency Pillar $10.95




Fern Ball $22.95
Small Lighthouse $3.95
Medium Lighthouse $6.95
Large Lighthouse $19.95
Set of 3 Lighthouses $24.95

Holiday Fare



Set of 3 Christmas Trees
(Burgundy or Spruce)
Set of 3 Pinecones $14.95
Ornaments $3.99
Victorian Santa $8.95

Natural Skin Care
Our Dry Skin Creme and Lip Balms are made with only the finest quality ingredients: Light Olive Oil,
Sweet Almond Oil, Cosmetic Grade Beeswax, Pure Rosewater, and a drop of Distilled Water.

Beeswax will act as a natural preservative to the oils, so no artificial preservatives are necessary.



Dry Skin Creme (2 ounces) $14.95