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This site has been created by a group of Adirondack artisans to shamelessly and relentlessly promote our unique talents!

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The Basket Lady
Marcia Waligory
Every basket is hand crafted by The Basket Lady herself, putting her experience, personal attention, and the best quality materials in each and every basket.
The Silver Bench
Lisa Nortz

Hand constructed and personally designed sterling silver and 18K gold jewelry.
Specializing in handmade chains,
at least 30 styles offered as well
as cuff bracelets, pendants & earrings, all with an artists attention to detail.
Harmony All Natural Soaps & Oils
Carrie Sweredoski
The Harmony Collection includes premium handcrafted soaps & aromatherapy products for bath, beauty and the home environment. Our products are created with the finest all natural ingredients available.
Soft Maple Designs
Mary Ellen Tyner

Unique and distinctive product designs by a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, including decoupage plates and other decorative items.
The Wild Inside
Karan Marie Cross
Fun and funky to upscale and traditional, designs from The Wild Inside are always a personal statement.
Don’t be a “Plain Chain” … Express Yourself!
Michael Barsuglia &
Lis Barsuglia-Madsen
Gifts from Nature
Woven or Knitted
Just for You!

Hand bags, hats, scarves, shawls, sweaters, table runners, rugs and more.

Gallery 812
Casandra Lyndaker

Fine Art Originals & Giclee Prints
Capturing the spirit of nature & expressing images of rural Adirondack life with watercolors.
Fourth Coast Beeswax
Susan Lyth
Created from pure beeswax harvested from a local apiary, these one-of-a-kind candles will light your kingly halls and provide the only all natural air purification system known to mankind.
Enter the wisdom of the bee. Nature’s Bounty. Sensible Luxury.
Garden Thyme Herbs
Sharon Stewart
Wonderful natural, handcrafted herbal products. Our products are all “tried and true” since we have been making and selling them for over 20 years.
It is our hope that you will join us in our journey by trying to live as simply and naturally as possible.


Study led with the University of Sydney suggests.

‘Assuming our outcomes reflect trigger and impact, these analyses claim that increasing jogging pace could be a straightforward method for visitors to improve center health insurance and risk for premature mortality-providing a straightforward message for general public health campaigns to market. ‘Especially in circumstances when walking even more isn’t possible because of time pressures or perhaps a much less walking-friendly environment, going for walks faster could be a good substitute for get the heartrate up-one that a lot of people can simply incorporate to their lives.’.. Continue reading

For the scholarly study.

For the scholarly study, research workers examined data on vocabulary abilities at age 5 for children given birth to with permanent hearing loss who received similar interventions at different factors in childhood. Kids who have received hearing helps at age group 2 had worse vocabulary outcomes than children who have got the products fitted if they were just three months old, the scholarly study found alternative-treatment.html . Kids who got cochlear implants at age group 2 also acquired worse language results than children who got the unit when they had been 6 months previous. For the existing study, experts examined vocabulary outcomes at age 5 for 350 children with permanent hearing loss aswell for a control band of 120 kids with normal hearing. Continue reading

Trauma Doctors Push for Stricter Gun Controls Rigid regulation of semi-automatic guns.

‘As trauma cosmetic surgeons, we see and abhor this discomfort and struggling on a regular basis,’ the group said. ‘The main of the issue is a complicated relationship of firearm gain access to, behavioral wellness, and a tradition tolerant of hostility,’ which leads to ‘an unacceptable open public medical condition.’ Research, development, technology and assistance are had a need to deal with gun assault in quite similar way they have already been used to lessen car crash fatalities by 27 % within the last twenty years, the AAST stated within a journal news launch. The combined group offers 14 recommendations. Continue reading

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Almost twenty years following the paradox become mainstream first.

BMI ideals – that are determined making use of your fat and elevation – does not consider several important wellness factors, like muscle tissue or specific surplus fat data. The implications of the scholarly study go far beyond establishing a far more nuanced relationship between size and health.. The Obesity Paradox: More About Muscles Than Weight Researchers have always been perplexed with the so-called weight problems paradox, which appeared to claim that obese people who have chronic ailments lived much longer than people that have a healthy fat. Almost twenty years following the paradox become mainstream first, a report published in PLoS ONE the other day shows that the apparently contradictory claims spawned from our overreliance in body mass index when determining bodyweight and health classifications. Continue reading

Posted today in eLife.

Complications at birth associated with lasting chemical changes in the brain New King’s University London research, posted today in eLife, implies that adults given birth to prematurely-who also suffered little brain injuries around enough time of birth-have lower degrees of dopamine in the mind. This chemical change continues to be connected to insufficient motivation and enjoyment in normal life, and changes to concentration and attention, that could all be early signs of much more serious mental medical issues such as for example substance dependence and depression. The study, which really is a collaboration between researchers from King’s, Imperial University London as well as the Icahn College of Medication at Support Sinai in NY, also demonstrates a lot of people given birth to possess totally normal dopamine amounts prematurely. Continue reading

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In order that was quite great.

VIDEO: Fezolinetant drops testosterone levels in PCOS CHICAGO – Testosterone amounts dropped by 1 / 3 for ladies with polycystic ovary symptoms and hyperandrogenemia if they received a centrally performing medicine currently in development. Fraser. In order that was quite great; we hit the principal outcome successfully.64 nmol/L, weighed against the 0.04 nmol/L noticed with placebo . Continue reading

A recently available study suggests.

Current smokers had an elevated threat of frailty sometimes following researchers accounted for additional factors that may are likely involved such as age group, gender, alcohol use, education, income and cognitive function. The picture appeared different, nevertheless, when researchers examined chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , a common complication of smoking that means it is tough to breathe. COPD is definitely linked with a greater risk of stability difficulties, muscle tissue weakness, thinning bone fragments, blackouts and falls. When analysts accounted for COPD, current cigarette smoking zero seemed to impact the chance of frailty longer. This shows that smokers are even more likely to become frail due to COPD instead of from cigarette smoking itself, the authors conclude. Continue reading